Senegal to become 2nd African country to enact a Startup Act in the past year

Come December, the Senegal Startup Act will be going before the country’s National Assembly to be passed into law, following the consideration and adoption of the bill by President Macky Sall’s council of ministers.

According to Disrupt Africa, the Startup Act, which has just been passed by the country’s cabinet, was drafted in 2018 by more than 60 key players in the Senegalese innovation ecosystem at the i4policy hackathon.

In July 2019, i4policy, a policy innovation company and other partners which include the DER (Délégation à l’Entreprenariat Rapide), the African Development Bank, World Bank, OSIWA, the French Embassy of Senegal, and Impact Dakar organised the #DakarPolicyHack to accelerate the drafting of the very first Senegal Startup Act.

The report has it that the Senegal Startup Act contains laws to guide business operations in the country. It claims that the Act will promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and encourage data collection and sharing amongst entrepreneurs to help them develop better business plans as well as looking into tax…

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