Senate President’s provocative statement on $30bn loan


There was hardly any Nigerian, including President Buhari’s most fanatical supporter, who was not astounded by Senate President Ahmed Lawan’s brutally frank insistence that the president’s $29.9bn loan request would be approved.

This was before the loan request was debated. Why then does he resist the conclusion that the 9th National Assembly is a rubber stamp parliament? Speaking to editors on the parliament’s six months of legislative work, he had said: “The question of whether we will pass the loan request of the executive arm of government, yes, we will pass it. If we don’t have money and you have projects to build them, how will you provide infrastructure that you need? But one thing is that, we are going to be critical, that every cent that is borrowed is tied to a project. These are projects that will have spillover effects on the economy and we will undertake our oversight seriously to ensure that such funds are properly, prudently, economically and…

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