School Principal Disappear As Sowore Stops By To Apply As A Teacher

Omoyele Sowore

Activist Omoyele Sowore revealed that he went to a public school in Abuja to apply as a teacher but by the time he arrived, the Principal ran away.

Sowore who was recently released from prison on bail for “conspiracy to commit treason and insulting President Muhammadu Buhari” charges said he was tired being idle and decided to set out to the public school to apply as a teacher, only for him to meet the absence of the principal.

He wrote;

“You may find this funny or even curious, today I set out to look for a public school where I could teach “Government” or Geography while sitting idle in Abuja so we set out to a public school but by the time we arrived there the Principal had disappeared on us.”

See reactions to the post below:

The principal should be disciplined for allowing such in his school. Just like he should not abandon his colleagues and students when there is a fire outbreak in the school, so he should have risen up to the challenge posed by Sowore’s inappropriate appearance in his school. – @mbsakiwa

Please follow the law this time and focus on solutions and not pictures, why not a university, we qualified voters are, why not start a political science education club, while not hold a concert on this etc – @ogoh_ediri

Why government or geography? History subject should be mandatory from P1 to the University level. This demonstrator wouldn’t have been in power if history was a mandatory subject. – @IGetSense

That’s great Sir. I did same two weeks ago and I’m teaching Entrepreneurial studies in one of the college’s in Kaduna pro Bono too. Very fulfilling I must say. Congratulations. – @neinosanda

My President, please be careful ooo. If you are idle, you can as well go register for a karate class. This dss and buhari may be planning to attack. So you can just beat them in self defence with your karate skills – @OsazuwaAkendol2

You want govt to sack the principal? They will say that you are enemy of govt and you are out to recruit foot soldiers and radicalised the pupils despite the fact that your intention may be different – @GbolahanObadime

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