Ruined by open defecation, robbery attacks…

  • Sad tales of health centres deserted by patients to patronise quacks
  • We are changing the face of PHCs – Oyo commissioner

The menace of odious stench oozing from canals where people openly defecate, robbery attacks among other challenges have left a number of Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in many remote areas of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, grounded or redundant. This has made access to healthcare to suffer untold setback in some parts of the ancient city. The people are now left at the mercy of quacks who administer all manners of unempirical treatment on them. INNOCENT DURU, who visited some of the PHCs, examines the dangers surrounding the plight of the people.

“I will rather patronise road side health practitioners than seek medical help at Atipe Pimary Health Centre.  I am not alone in this. A good number of the residents prefer patronising road side health providers and herb sellers. The air around the health centre environment is polluted and one may end up…

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