Ronaldo Teaches Tennis Star Djokovic How to Jump, Score Headed Goals

Five-time Balloon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo has uploaded a video on his Instagram platform showing him teaching world number two ranked tennis star Novak Djokovic how to make great jumps and net headed goals, reports.

Ronaldo and Dojokovic who are friends spend time together inside a gym in Dubai as both stars enjoyed Christmas holiday away from football and tennis during the Christmas.

Ronald was sighted, with his partner and son, during Djokovic’s matches in 2018, and it was a fun time as both stars worked out together inside a near-empty gym in Dubai.

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Portuguese football superstar Ronaldo was obviously teaching his Serbian friend how to make a great jump and head a target – this time a rope which was tied across up a certain height inside the gym.

The Juventus forward is reputed for scoring great headed goals from super leaps. The most recent wonderfully headed goal off a spectacular jump was his goal in Juventus’ 2-1 away win against Sampdoria.

Ronaldo leaps and hits the rope target with his head while Djokovic goes below the target


Friends – Ronaldo and Djokovic

Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri said of the cracking header: “What did I think when I saw Ronaldo’s goal? I thought, “F***, what a goal!”.

‘” say, “F***” because if I said, “Damn” it wouldn’t be fair towards the goal.”

It is unclear if Djokovic who has won 16 grand slam singles titles wanted to learn new trick and adopt it for his racket-handling skill set in tennis, but it was an obvious fun-filled session for him and his ‘trainer’ inside the gym.

Ronaldo did his vintage run-ups and wonderful leaps that enabled him hit the target – the rope, with his forehead. And Djokovic made spirited failed attempts to hit the same target.

Both stars had good laughs while the session lasted and hugged each other which had some onlookers well thrilled.
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