Risk Management and Effective Leadership for Superlative Performance during Turbulent Times

Let’s face it! The world had never encountered a more disruptive time than the last year when COVID-19 swept the globe and almost grounded everything to a standstill. Since its emergence, individuals and businesses have been struggling to survive. However, while paying a lot of attention on reducing the pandemic’s impact, many have forgotten that there have always been other risks that need attention, too, even during these crises. To succeed in these dynamic, digital and turbulent times, there is an urgent need for strategic leaders who can align culture, risk and strategy for success.

Truth be told, every organisation faces risks, including internal ones that often arise from its daily operations/activities. For instance, some risks may arise from inappropriate, unethical, or illegal actions of the employees and even the management. These are common, but thankfully, they are preventable. Some other risks also come from external sources, and there is little that the management can do to prevent them. They include political and natural disasters. But that’s not all. Don’t forget there are social, economic landmines too to navigate, one of which…

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