Restoring calm at NFF

By Ade Ojeikere


Driving to work on Tuesday morning where I got stuck in the maddening gridlock along Gbagada (kudos to the Lagos State government for massive work on the roads) in the Centre of Excellence, my phone rang. I normally don’t answer calls while driving. To ease my frustration, I made sure my hear piece was on. I looked at the name on the phone and roared; ‘’Big fish in Nigeria’s football calling?’’ Not any administrator wishing to plead his case or threatening court actions over stories, before you start guessing who must have called this ‘troublesome’ man or like some others have said, this ‘controversial fellow’.

Back to the caller, who isn’t a frivolous person. ‘’Ade!’’ he exclaimed. ‘’Something is troubling my mind. And I’m not sure what exactly is wrong with me. But deep inside me I’m unhappy with the state of our football.  I’m frustrated,’’ he said. There was dead silence inside my car. Nothing was heard from my…

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