Remembering the life and times of a nationalist, language educator and scholar

Toyin Falola


History, it is said, would always remember the brave and the weak, but with different records of deeds. For Chief Isaac Oluwole Delano who died 40 years ago, it is indeed a record of grace, splendour and wonder, but not without the beating of the sun and the rain that is typical in the journey of every great personality.  Born on November 4, 1904, to the family of Chief Edmund Delano, the Aro of Egba Christians, and Mrs Rebacca Delano, an ardent Christian leader, at Okenla village in today’s Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State, Chief Isaac Delano was among the earliest Nigerians to go through the emergent western educational system in the country. This took him to Holy Trinity School at Okenla village, Ifo, in the then Abeokuta province, for his elementary school education. Between I919 and 1921, he moved on to the secondary level of education at the Lagos Grammar School, where he was tutored by the likes of Solomon O. Odutola, an Anglican Bishop, and Rev…

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