Raising the value of cashew nuts for exports

There are moves to boost cashew production and local processing, writes DANIEL ESSIET.


Founder Hastom Nigeria, an agricultural firm based in Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Depo Thomas, is a successful cashew nut farmer. He does not only growing the crop, but also a promoter of cashew nuts. His dream is for Nigeria to become one of the leading cashew nut producers.

Thomas has over 1,100 acres earmarked for cashew production.  But his target is 10,000 acres. Last year, he planted 80,000 trees. Thomas, also a cattle farmer, was motivated to go into farming, when he identified an opportunity in the supply chain of cashew nuts.

Today, he has achieved so much. He is a model farmer and also an inspiration to many cashew farmers.

At present, the capacity of smallholder producers to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the cashew market is of his utmost concern.

He said cashew nuts should receive the desired attention like  other crops from the…

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