Rahama Sadau dazzles fans, friends at birthday bash

Nigerian actress, Rahama Sadau, dazzled friends and fans invited to her 26th birthday bash in Kaduna on Sunday.

The birthday party coincided with the launching of her new eatery and beauty parlour, Sadauz Home, which she set up in Kaduna.

Her close associate and colleague, Fati Washa, stood beside her throughout the event.

Dressed in a glamorous red gown with a high-heels to match, she stormed the venue thrilling friends and fans with stylish dance moves.

There was plenty to eat and the DJ kept slamming jams from every corner of the open space.

Prominent among those present at the birthday party were Yaseen Auwal, a Kannywood movie producer, and a host of other producers and actors.

Thanking those present at the party, Sadau encouraged her friends and Kaduna residents to patronise…

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