Public safety over legal quibbling

By Tunde Rahman

Coronavirus is biting nations hard. Across the globe, the number of infections rises daily; lives and nations are being torn apart. Global cases exceed one million mark with over 50,000 deaths. In Nigeria, COVID-19 cases had risen close to 200. The daily increase is worrisome. If we do not quickly arrest the rate of increase, we might soon face what is unanswerable. Just a few weeks ago, America faced 15 deaths. Now, it has suffered over 6000. Nigeria has lost two people to coronavirus. We must do all that is possible so we do not lose any more. No one country is immune to this dangerous disease. Only those nations that have moved quickly and decisively have avoided the full brunt of this disease. For example, despite its proximity to China, Vietnam has experienced surprisingly few cases. This is because that nation moved quickly to shut its common border with China and to lockdown areas susceptible to the viral invasion. It is more beneficial to public safety that…

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