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We live in a predictable, gigantic world intelligently governed by unbending laws of creation, one of which is the LAW OF BALANCE. We encounter the law of balance, for example, every where we turn everyday. It is present  in the shape of a tree, the rocky mountains, in counter balancing beams and pillars in the structure of a building, matching colours of a woman’s dress, wheel balancing or tyre guage, rotational movement of the solar systems and of the planets, and in even our EYES and how it enables us to see or  not to see. But we do not always pay serious attention to this law, if we do at all.

Therefore, I like to knock off in bed at night after prayers, feeling like a part of the universe. As I explained this  week to a gentleman who complained of regular bad dreams, swinging with the universe just before sleep  is one natural  medicine which helps me not to be chased  about in my dreams by phantoms and demons, products of negative human energy or volition. If…

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