Preparing for future change at workplace

Labour experts have urged workers to prepare themselves for the challenges posed by technological advancement, climate change and globalisation. TOBA AGBOOLA examines what organisations need to do to prepare the workforce for the future.


The workplace of the future is undergoing a fundamental transformation because of technological disruption, high level of skills among others.

This disruption is improving the way tasks are carried out in the workplace and driving efficiency. Organisations and companies are increasingly investing in automation and thinking machines to drive innovations, results and keep pace with the ever changing business environment.

With a workforce of 85 million, Nigeria is home to an enormous labour market. However, this resource is characterised by low levels of skill and educational attainment. Just 15 per cent of the labour force has a post-secondary education.

Speaking at a forum recently, the President,  Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Ayuba…

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