By Emmanuel Oladesu

Power is transient. No condition is permanent. From the days of yore, kingdoms and empires have come and gone. Although power is not serve alar carte, as it involves struggles, conflicts and antagonism, it may not be forever because there is also a limitation to political control.

After the unprecedented heroic feat of installing six governors in Kwara State, the future of the Saraki dynasty looked brighter. But, as the wind of change blew, the hitherto solid political structure suddenly caved in during the last general elections. The political family that installed Governors Adamu Attah, Cornelius Adebayo, Shaaba Lafiagi, Mohamed Lawal, Bukola Saraki and Abdulfatah Ahmed has eclipsed. Arguably, its members are full of nostalgia. But, they can now only rely on old glory.

It started like a joke; a casual drama. The opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) coined an unusual slogan for sensitization and mobilisation against a formidable, entrenched and…

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