Police arrest wife, husband for cruelty on house girl in Enugu

Chris Oji, Enugu


The police have arrested a housewife over alleged torture of her underaged housemaid in Enugu State.

The maid whose name was identified as Peace Goewam was slammed by the woman, whose identity was given as Mrs Amaka Ortolehi.

Mrs Ortolehi and her husband, Nkemakolam, are said to be natives of Ngor Okpala in Imo State.

The maltreatment of the underaged housemaid had gone viral, as the video showed Mrs Ortolehi, pulling out the girl from a blue car as well as lifting her up and heavily slamming her on the ground.

The woman was also shown where she hit her own daughter mistakenly, with her car door.

Mrs Ortolehi, told reporters that she was pushed by the devil to treat the girl harshly while also blaming her action, partly on anger. “I did it in a feat of anger,” she said.

State Police Commissioner, Ahmad AbdurRahman confirmed the arrest of the woman, saying that his command traced and arrested the woman and rescued the little girl from the…

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