Pervasive perversion


The attraction of modernisation has not deprived Nigerian communities of attachment to their rich culture. One aspect of the culture that has survived assault by science, technology and ‘imported vulture’ disguised as modernity is the honour accorded traditional rulers in the various communities, however big or small.

However, the conduct of some of the traditional rulers has called to question the honour accorded them.

In pre- comolial times, the traditional rulers who were custodians of the traditions, enforcers of laws, rules and regulations, were considered above board.

Therefore, diligent search was usually carried out to select the most suitable of candidates presented by the ruling houses.

Things have since changed. While the society has made efforts to preserve the dignity accorded the rulers, the selection process has been perverted, with many of those installed falling short of expectations.

In many of the villages and towns, modern law enforcement agents have…

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