‘People think I’m arrogant because I don’t take nonsense’

Former Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi is known for his blunt expression of feelings on issues. As he turns 70 today, he reflects on his family, private sector experience, foray into politics, and legacies as a politician and administrator. Southwest Bureau Chief BISI OLADELE met him at Ibadan, the state capital.



HOW do you feel at 70? When you were growing up, did you have an inkling that you will live up to 70 years?

First and foremost, let me give the glory to God Almighty for sparing my life in good health and in happiness. I feel a lot of gratitude to the Almighty for sparing my life to live this long because from my own paternal side, nobody has ever lived up to 70 years. I’m talking about all the male children, including my father and his own father and his brothers. I believe it is something to be grateful to God for.

Where did you get that optimism?

Virtually everything I have dreamt of has happened and I dreamt I lived to 96 years old.  Many Nigerians lived to…

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