Paystack is building an army of exceptional execs

Paystack, the second Nigerian startup backed by Y Combinator, debuted in the country’s fintech space in 2015 and has since experienced tremendous growth. Currently operating in Nigeria and Ghana, the Delaware company raised $11.7 million from five rounds between 2016 and 2018.

Gradually, Paystack grew to become one of the most prominent payment platforms in Nigeria. With co-founders Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi at the top of the organogram as CEO and CTO respectively, the startup currently has 112 people on its team.

Paystack founders: Shola Akinlade (CEO) and Ezra Olubi (CTO)

This team is a mix of expats and Nigerians taking up roles across different units including operations, growth, design, engineering, product, and business. Notably, like most startups aiming for gender representation, women make up 31.9% of the team.

The startup raised a 1.3 million seed fund in December 2016 which was to be invested in building its engineering team, growing sales and marketing operations, accelerating product development, and customer onboarding. The current team…

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