Paul Newman, Michael Page Africa Associate Director

For the past nine years, Paul Newman has recruited for information technology roles across multiple industries, helping companies within the sub-Saharan region find the right talent for their information technology functions. This week, we talk to Paul Newman, Associate Director for recruitment company, Michael Page, to learn how he works.

Current role: Associate Director, Michael Page Africa
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Current computer: A Lenovo desktop computer at the Michael Page office
Current mobile device(s): Samsung and iPhone
Describe how you work in one word: Consistently

Tell us briefly how you started out and how you got where you are today.

My career has been an evolution since the time I boarded a flight to the United Kingdom and “fell” into a sales role. I discovered I had a natural affinity for sales and enjoyed working with people. Along the way, I have learnt many new skills which have enabled me to progress up the career ladder. Today I run key business units for Michael Page in South Africa.

Walk us through a typical workday.


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