”Parents are really not working for their kids to have a great life” – Singer Dencia

Cameroonian-born singer and entrepreneur, Dencia is of the notion that parent are not working to help their kids have a great life.

The singer took who took to her Instagram story lamented about parents not doing enough for their kids to have a great life.

Using herself as an example, she noted that her mum, who is in her 50’s is working tirelessly to acquire properties, while she wonders who they are meant for.

Dencia stressed that when parents have a great life their kids automatically enjoy a wonderful life.

The singer queried why parents stress to acquire property instead of chilling and enjoying her the little they have.

In her words,

“Clearly parents aint working for their kids to have a great lfe cuz if the parent has a great life, Kid automatically will.

“I’m my mom’s only child, she turns 50 this year, but is busting her ass working buying land, building stuf, for who? Instead of enjoying her lil coins, parents ain’t doing it for us dem it”.

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