Pains, gains of total lockdown

It’s day seven of a 14-day restriction on movement in Lagos and Abuja. ROBERT EGBE looks at how residents have been coping in both states and elsewhere.


How many grains of rice fill a Derica tin? 

Broadcast journalist Kingsley Momoh gave an answer last Tuesday: 98,900 grains for home grown rice and 98,000 grains for imported rice, he said in a Facebook post.

When does a ceiling fan stop revolving after it is switched off? After one minute and 22 seconds, according to Ugochukwu Cyril-Okere in another Facebook post last Friday.

Momoh and Cyril-Okere did not intend to be taken factually. Both posts were some of the ways Nigerians have deployed humour to express their boredom following a near national lockdown in the wake of the Coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic.

Both men are just two of the millions who complied with the government’s stay-at-home directive.

President Muhammadu last Sunday imposed a 14-day restriction on movement in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja.

The shutdown, which…

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