Ordega: Life in China a mixed bag

Dick Onuadimaudo

At a time when few fathers would allow their daughters to indulge in the ‘manly’ game of football, Super Falcons rugged striker, Francesca Ordega, had the total support of her father who bought her first soccer boot.

She said: “As a child growing up, I got fascinated seeing 22 boys chasing a round object about in an effort to outscore each other. I then started playing with boys since girls were very few who played soccer. My dad encouraged me when he noticed I could play well with the boys. He bought me my first soccer boot and I am forever grateful for that.”

From that moment and coupled with that fatherly support, Ordega has not looked back and moved on to become one of Nigeria’s biggest female soccer stars.

Ordega earned herself cult status following her…

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