Open Letter to Abdulrasheed Bawa

I write this nameless open-letter because I am afraid I might be tagged a sycophant or be labelled an opportunist by people because I am a serving officer. The most important thing to me is to remain nameless while I let the whole world know how much we will want you to succeed using the prism of the rule of law. Sir, we are proud of you and are honoured and looking forward to having you as our substantive chairman. I have no doubt, and I believe I speak the mind of so many officials of the commission regarding your articulate prowess which has been consistent through your trajectory within the ranks of those great anti-corruption crusaders of our time.

However, as much as ‘we’ fervently want you to succeed, many factors that are akin to landmines are on your way to success. Sir, you are a good teacher of history, and you have admonished so many of us on the importance of reflection, and as your student, I would want to you to emulate your passion. It is very important to keep in mind that history is awash with tremendous examples of leaders that failed and those that succeeded. The history of the great Roman Empire has always been a classic to historians…

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