OMG! Nigerian Singer, Dimplez Escapes Death After Being Robbed And Shot In Lagos (Video)


Dimplez, a Nigerian singer is lucky to be alive today after experiencing a really horrific incident.

The singer who took to Instagram to narrate his ordeal, revealed that he was attacked by robbers at the Costain area of Lagos. The robbers brutalized him and even shot at him.

Dimplez shared a video and a photo showing the kind of injuries he sustained from the attack and the way his car was left damaged by the robbers and their bullets.

Dimplez with injuries on his hands

Narrating his story, Dimplez reveled that the robbers took his iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung S Plus, his gold chain and even his ATM but he is grateful to be alive.

He wrote: “Thank God for life

“Robbed & shot @ costain last night

“My iPhone 11 pro max, Samsung S plus, iPhone 7, Gold chain, ATM , all got taken but they couldn’t take my life…

“Merry Christmas,Best xmas ever”


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