Ogoni fishermen, farmers lament continued effects of environmental pollution

Bodo City, Whenyozor, Sugii and K-dere communities in Ogoni part of Rivers State prided themselves in the variety of crops and seafood they produced. They farmed the land and explored the waters around them for aquatic foods. The local economy is tied to the richness of the land and waters.

But two large oil spillage in 2008 changed all that. The spillage left many farmlands degraded and the people no longer able to cultivate crops.

The few who still farm now get poor yields. Some of the aquatic foods can no longer be found as the species did not survive the pollution of their habitat.

“We no dey see big fish catch again, even when I fish overnight reach Bonny-Opobo-Andoni boundary, na still small fish I go catch,” Sunday Monday, a fisherman, said in Pidgin English.

Sunday Monday in front of his yard
Sunday Monday…

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