Now, the rains are here

The Nigerian Meterological Agency (NIMET) had warned of the risks ahead of the rainy season. How well are states prepared to prevent disasters usually associated with perennial rainfalls? OKWY IROEGBU­-CHIKEZIE reports.

Naturally, rainy season is a period of blessings because of the attendant benefits it packs along. For instance, for the farmers, it brings them hope of a bountiful harvest at the end of the planting season. By extension, this is a guarantee that there will be an abundance of food for the teeming population of a country.

The rainy season is also a time looked forward to by residents of temperate regions. It is a time when they savour the joy of living given the days are usually cool. But, for some others, rainy season comes with mixed feelings. For most residents of urban and sub-urban areas, the rains come with a burden — the stark reality of an uncared for environment. Its effect is usually felt by residents of  obscure places,…

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