Northwest, Northeast, Southwest federal highways also deplorable

Our correspondents in Northwest, Northeast and Southwest zones report that most of the federal highways in the zones are in disgraceful condition, a situation that has forced some state governors to take over repairs or reconstruction of some federal highways


As we stated in the first instalment of this nationwide report, when we covered the Southeast geo-political zone, our investigation on the state of federal roads shows that most of the major highways across the country are currently in a deplorable condition.

In this instalment, our correspondents reported that the highways in the Northwest, Northeast and South-west are also bitter tales of woes, anguish, frustration and pain as was the case in Southeast, South-south and Northcentral zones earlier reported.

From Yobe State for example, our correspondent reports that the state government has vowed to save motorists by constructing and rehabilitating the damaged federal highways. According to the report, the state government…

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