Nigerians should prepare for another SIM card registration exercise in 2020, this time with new requirements

The minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami has once again given a directive to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). This time, it is to review the SIM card registration and usage policy in order to fix some shortcomings in it.

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This review is expected to further promote safety with the use of SIM cards, while reducing the crimes perpetuated through them. On the back of this, there are new prerequisites that need to be adhered to.

For Nigerians registering new SIM cards, it will have to be through National Identity Number (NIN) while foreigners will do the same with their passports. As a result, existing users are expected to update their details with their NINs before December 1, 2020.


In hindsight, this may translate to another rigorous exercise in the making for both users and operators asides the cost implication.

As the case is, NCC will hold the operators liable to carry out the registration process without…

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