Nigerian Travel Agency, MakeIFly Launches with Cheap Flight Deals This December

Christmas bells are dangling in the air! The season of showing and expressing love has come upon us again. From spending time with family to having treats with friends, Christmas creates the aura of warmth around our hearts. And like most End of Year and New Year celebrations, the season is expected to come with its full packages of holidays, travels, and heart-warming destinations.

MakeIFly recently launched a travel booking site,, giving you an opportunity to find the cheapest travel deals, hotel reservations and holiday packages at the comfort of your home, throughout the month of December.

Understanding that the world is a global village and that the African consumer wants to feel closer to that village, MakeIFly aims to connect you to the global community, the destinations of your dreams, your next business frontier and the people you feel so strongly about.

As part of the December Deals promotion, customers in Nigeria can book cheap flights for as low as…

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