Nigerian Man Leaves People Shocked After Sharing Horrific Experience With An Obsessed Ex-girlfriend


Uche shared the experience on Twitter


A Nigerian man identified as Uche has shared an unbelievable experience he passed through in the hands of an obsessed ex-girlfriend who wouldn’t let him go after they had broken up.


Taking to his Twitter handle @Absnthe__, he wrote:


“When my ex overdosed on crack and passed out naked on my bed while she was begging me to sleep with her, when she woke up she threatened to jump off a 3 story building if I didn’t take her back,the next week she met me at a mutuals house and attacked me with 3 of her friends 


“Then she tracked down the new girl I was dating at the time and attacked her with a knife, stalked me till I stopped sleeping at my house. And then at a mutual friends party she slipped drugs into my drink and raped me.” 


Many people have reacted to the tweet with shock.


See tweet below and follow the thread to read replies:

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