Nigerian churches seize gospel initiative in UK

Okorie UGURU


Walking on Clapham Road, London, the winter morning air is not exactly  something worth recommending for anyone, particularly a foreigner. The weather was hovering between five and 10 degrees centigrade. While it might not be something extraordinary for the average Londoner, it is killing for a foreigner.

Ahead of the reporter was a black man clad in a flowing silky white gown briskly walking towards the Clapham North Metro Station. It was not the best attire for the winter morning, but it was a sign of his commitment to Love Christ Generation Church (Cherubim and Seraphim) where he was headed.

The church auditorium, a multi-billion naira property, sits on Plot 412 Clapham Road. It is one of the Nigerian churches with branches all over the United Kingdom. The church is generating a lot of buzz through its founder, Rev. Esther Ajayi.

Finally arriving there just a few metres from the Clapham North Metro Station, the church oozed affluence with exotic cars parked in…

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