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Sanya Oni


“DASHED hopes, failed promise’s – was how my colleague, Tunji Adegboyega puts it in his reflections on the nation’s odyssey in the last 60 years of its independence. Guess that has become the standard definition of all that the country once touted as the pride of the Black race is, and will unfortunately continue to be, in the foreseeable future particularly in the hands of the cartel of undertakers called leaders.

Moreover, in a so-called independence week that has since become a hollow, meaningless ritual, trust Nigerians to rail and wail about just everything under the sun – from the bizarre political arrangement with its ingrained injustices to the unimaginable level of poverty; the hopelessly mismanaged diversity and not least an economy that has become the buccaneers delight – all of which combined have turned us into a tribe of wailers!

Progress, I am often wont to say, is what you make of it. In other words, the question of whether the Nigerian cup…

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