Niger pledges to pay N30,000 Minimum Wage in 2020

Justina Asishana, Minna


The Niger State government has assured the civil servants in the state of its readiness to pay the N30,000 minimum wage starting from next year.

According to the Niger State Commissioner of Finance, Alhaji Abubakar Zakari, with the refunds expected from the federal government and other sources, the state would be able to conveniently pay the civil servants without feeling it much.

Briefing on the budget breakdown at government house, Minna, Zakari said that the government only needed an additional N7,500 for each of the civil servants to achieve such feat.

He said that with the current salary of N22,500, an additional N7,500 would complete the minimum wage of N30,000.

Speaking on the funds expected to meet up this payment, Zakari said that the state government is expecting refunds from the federal government to the sum of N133 million, dividend of N400 million from North-South Power and accumulated sum of N3.8 billion as grand rent for land use from…

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