NIDOA reacts to US visa ban on Nigeria

Nigerians in Diaspora Organization, Americas (NIDOA), USA has expressed disappointment and outrage at President Donald Trump’s suspension of issuance of US immigrant visas to Nigerians.

The Chairman of NIDO Americas, USA, Patience Key said  “Our disappointment stems from the systemic failure of Nigeria’s security architecture that has enabled Boko Haram and the ISIS global terrorist network to cause more than 27000 deaths, while displacing about 2.3 million persons in the last 10 years.”

She explained that the group is “outraged” because the Trump administration “exploited this unsavory situation”.

Key noted that Nigeria is ranked as the most educated and productive immigrant community in the United States, adding that Nigerian immigrants are overwhelmingly law abiding, hard-working, and ethically-driven.

She called on Nigerians at home and abroad to see this development as an opportunity to rededicate themselves to the cause of building a new and better Nigeria that works for its people.

“We encourage a focused and firm stand on doing what is right for the Nigerian people. Demanding good governance, accountability and an effective security apparatus is a sine qua non. We must place special value on the life, welfare and properties of the Nigerian people”.

President Muhammadu Buhari had said Nigeria would work to fix security lapses that led to the United States restriction on immigration.

This is in a bid to have “productive relations” between Nigeria and the United States.

Nigeria was listed along with Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Sudan and Tanzania  in US immigrant visa ban. By the order as from February 22, 2020, citizens of these countries shall be restricted from resident visas in the US, but can only enter that country as visitors on short stay.

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