My life as an underage sex worker in Lagos

A dimly lit room, packs of condom, rolls of tissue paper and a hackneyed student size bed was all she needed for her daily hustle. No matter how unfit the wooden room is, it is one of natural pleasures. It is a room where hundreds of men have entered and left satisfied. Here is another man to add to a tally she will never be able to keep.

“Pull off”, she urged this reporter. Amorous whimpers from the dirty movie played purposely to arouse ‘customers’ readily unfold as a background motivation.

Having worked enough to own a television in her room, Adijat Komolafe is one of the elite in child prostitution. She is only 17.

Few minutes before, she had deployed her assets to lure this reporter to patronise her. Tall, busty with heavy waist beads, long eyelashes and piercings all…

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