My Boyfriend Of 8 Years Sleeps Around With Anything On Skirt

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A Nigerian woman has begged for advice as she’s now tired of her boyfriend of 8 years who is a horrible cheat.


Read her story sent to Relationship manager, Cynthia Valerian Raphaels:


Good evening ma please I need an advice because am very confused and tired at the same time…

Please hide my ID

I will be 27 this year and my guy is 32; I have dated him for 8yrs now at first he was good and caring but my problem is that he cheats too much and it’s always with underage and feel proud about it.


Each time I confronted him, he will shout at me and reports everything to his family’s members all the time and deny that he’s not cheating on me that I am just nagging without, anytime this guy start cheating on me he will not have my time again.

I forgot to tell you that we are staying together due to some circumstances. Ma, I have passed through alot of humiliation and embarrassment because of this guy.


He sleeps out and come back in the morning; he stays out late and I will call him, he won’t pick until he leaves the place sometimes and his family members won’t say anything but if I talk they will say I talk too much, infact that I nagged alot that I should be thankful that he’s not bringing them again and that he always come back to me.


Ma sometimes my guy will lie to girls when asking them out that am his sister’s friend and that am forcing myself on him but when I asked him he will deny and start shouting and reporting me to his family…

ma the one that pains me most I feel like dying is just last week my guy told me that he was going for a seminar not knowing that he was going with one of girl I saw him with last year and he even collected her CV to summit in an online for her.

I saw it in his bag when I asked him he started shouting abusing and calling me all the names he knows and the next day he reported me again to his family members and I was so mad that I went out n blast the two of them and deny that it’s not the girl that it another person that needed his help, with the Same name and number and I was so angry that I prayed for him since he’s denyingnow he wan out of his house and his life, ma please sorry for the long post, should I apologise.

I love him should I apologise to him and I don’t have anywhere to go to and he knows…or should I just leave



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