Much ado about a vaccine

By Dele Adeoluwa

The imperious COVID-19 pandemic is not about to let Nigeria and other nations of the world off its deadly stranglehold. The world’s number one enemy, in spite of all the global efforts to tame it, has continued to torment and bear its ferocious fangs.

In Nigeria, just when we thought we were off the hook, the total lockdown imposed on the nation in March, last year, having been gradually relaxed and eventually lifted, allowing all the hitherto stultified strata of national life a gusty air of fresh life, the implacable pandemic came in reinforced for a second wave of dread.

Graciously, however, the authorities are not considering a second possible lockdown, which I personally believe will worsen rather than improve things, judging from our first experience. So, there is a cloak of normalcy pervading the land, but locking behind the cloak is a sombre dreariness.

Apart from the record of fresh, shocking high profile COVID-19…

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