Mother disfigures her son’s hand because he spent her money on biscuits without her permission (photos)

A Nigerian mother has been criticized on social media after photos showing the injury she inflicted on her little son by pouring hot water on him for spending her money on biscuits without her permission, surfaced online.

The photos were shared by activist, Harrison Gwamnishu

A mother boiled hot water and poured on her son. The boy told us he collected some money from his daily sales to buy biscuit.

No treatment and she still send him to hawk sachet water.

We arrived Nkpor Anambra State to lend our voice and take him to a specialist hospital for treatment.

What should be done to the mother? While dropping your opinion, let’s discuss how we can send this boy back to school ? and how to end #ChildAbuse

See the heart-wrenching photos below ;

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