More than a bike-hailing platform, CanGo is building the first Super App in Central Africa

Africa’s large cities share systemic vulnerabilities mainly resulting from urbanisation, all of which have grown into a long list of challenges that have not been completely resolved. However, due to technological innovations in most climes, the effect of these issues on the populace has been largely reduced.

For example, not minding the somewhat abysmal state of existing transport infrastructures in Lagos, the hassles that accompany transportation in the city may have truly been cushioned by a variety of public transport options available such as the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), medium-sized buses, taxis, tricycles, and motorcycles.

Also, embracing app-based platforms offering cab-hailing/pooling, bus-hailing, and bike-hailing services has further reduced the challenges associated with movement.

Although true for major cities in South, West, and East African nations, it is not the case for those in Central Africa. This inspired Barrett Nash and his Kenyan colleague, Peter Kariuki to start an on-demand bike-hailing platform in 2014 which has evolved into…

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