More sounds are going to come from Africa – Horace Tempo


African music has always been welcomed by the world. But more than ever before, African genres of music have become more popular, especially with Afrobeats and infusion of other genres. But in the view of the Benin Republic’s music producer and artist, Africa has more than just Afrobeats to present to the world.

According to him, “You can not change music’s originality. Any genre derived from Africa will hold its identity in the world anytime. It took persistence on the sounds of Afrobeat, for it to be a recognized genre now among the likes of the top of genres like Pop. Amapiano is also on its wave. More sounds are going to come from Africa and you will not miss it. The breakthroughs into the world are even being attached to fashion and culture knowledge, the future is bright for African pop culture.”

“Very very promising. I foresee more music school opening, more music events that will expose the artists and more mentors willing to help up and coming artists to come up very strong,” he added.

Horace Tempo who was born Horace Wangnin Saizonou is a rising music producer who traditionally produces instrumental tracks to create a unique identity in the music industry. He recently created a new track ‘Self’ with Kubla Kahn & Shelley Segal. Tempo is also a mentor on his founded company.

Horace Tempo is a young music artist who has been making music for a few years now. During the time he has been producing music, he has been working hard to cultivate a unique and original sound that will help further his path to eventual stardom.

Having already earned many thousands of streams on his Spotify and building a considerable following on Instagram, Horace Tempo is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Due to his success so far, he has become widely recognised as a rising star in the music industry, and there’s no telling just how far his fame and fortune will go.

His very first musical effort “Self” was greeted with respectable success in view of his humble beginning. And he has continued to paddle his canoe effortlessly, making the right collaborations and drawing from the musical fountain of his many mentors.

“What inspires me is I remind myself that if as a start I could release “Self” as an independent artist, then I have a calling, I am not just passionate, I am a chosen one. The one complex thing for me is keeping the listeners waiting while you are cooking. As an independent artist or “up and coming”, you start with gaining listeners before having a fanbase and that’s a hard one. If you understand the industry, you know Radio is your way to the listeners.” he says


Yes, my record “SELF” has gained over 700 Hundred Thousand streams in a year, it is a powerful and uplifting song produced and released by me in May 2020. I have already produced and released a remix for the black empowerment song “Upheaval” of the legend of Benin, Nel Oliver. I have been blessed with opportunities to connect with other creatives and the collaborations in my pipeline are just blessings upon blessings. They will put food on the table for my family, and my fans. I say my fans because my business model is to eventually integrate sales with NFTs for every single fan to earn rewards as they participate in growing the T E M P O brand by sharing the music,” he adds.

Horace Tempo has stated without disrespect to anyone that his mentors are Saghohan Danialou, Fally Ipupa, Angelique Kidjo, Oumou Sangare, Any artist from GIM’s label, Sun El Musician, Wizkid, Don Jazzy and Diamond Platinum.

He does his music in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. He has pan-African fusion of music genres and his goal is to take African music to greater heights.

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