Mopewa Ogundipe’s Profound Love For Building Android Products Made Her The Best Person For Clubhouse’s Android App • Techpoint Africa

The launch of Clubhouse — the invitation-only audio-chat platform — in 2020 hugely disrupted social networking. Twenty months down the line, audio chats have become somewhat normal with social media platforms. 

From late 2020 to the early months of 2021, other social networking platforms released Clubhouse look-alike features almost every other week. Those that didn’t, promised to do so soon.

Clubhouse’s launch was characterised by its exclusivity; it was only available for iOS users. But with Android maintaining its position as the leading mobile operating system worldwide, there was high anticipation for Clubhouse’s Android app, especially given its popularity.

But it took the startup 11 months to break the silence and announce that an Android app was already in the works. Clubhouse had brought in a passionate software developer with an affinity for Android products. 

Clubhouse launched its Android app 14 weeks after onboarding the developer to give its closest competitor — Twitter Spaces — a run for its money. 

Within the first 15 minutes of our…

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