Money Brings Out A Man’s True Nature

Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, in his usual fashion, has shared new nuggets on his IG page.

According to Reno this time, there is one way to actually know a man’s true nature, and according to him, money can help one tell just how good or bad a man is.

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In his words;

“If you want to know a man, have financial dealings with him. Nothing brings out a man’s true nature like money. If you have not had such dealings with a man, you only think you know him. You don’t truly know him. Even the man does not really know himself. Money exposes a man to even himself. Many people that you think are ‘nice’ and ‘humble’ are in reality only poor. That is why I laugh when people say money changed their friend. No. Money REVEALED your friend to both you and him.”

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