Microsoft wants to make genuine Windows PCs more affordable and accessible to Africans

In a recent Twitter poll conducted by Techpoint, 56% of the 201 respondents said they cannot afford to use genuine software on their computers, while 24% said they always use genuine software. Nine per cent said they didn’t know how to check for genuine software, while 8% claimed they had no idea fake software existed.


Even with its small and homogenous sample size, the survey quite mirrors the reality in Africa.

“Around five million PCs are shipped into Africa’s consumer segment every year. But by our estimates, only about one-third (1.5 million) include genuine software,” said Deniz Ozen, Regional General Manager, Consumer and Device Sales, Microsoft Middle East & Africa.

Ozen said this during a press conference held on Wednesday at the Microsoft South Africa headquarters in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

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