Meet the winners of the $1000 wardrobe allowance from the “Styled by Infinix S5” challenge

If there’s one thing I admire about Nigerians, it is the fact that we never get caught unawares; except maybe by cameras, and even that is sometimes intentional.

It is no surprise that we are always in tune with trends in our spheres of interest. And when there’s a challenge to put our creative abilities to test and prove how well-adjusted we are, we most certainly would show up to the challenge bringing our A game.

The ‘Styled by Infinix S5’challenge was set in motion shortly after the release of the ingenuous S5. The challenge was centered on testing contestants’ ability to match the beautiful aesthetics of the S5 and make outstanding fashion statements.

As soon as the brand announced the challenge and began to welcome entries via their Social Media pages, entries began to drop in large numbers and we saw Nigerians slaying in their uniquely stylish attires like never before thus causing our eyes to widen in admiration.

There were too many mind-blowing entries that would have made it seemingly impossible for the brand to select a winner should they have contemplated doing that. Hence, Nigerians were given the responsibility of filtering and consequently selecting the winner after 5 weeks of a thrilling activity.

Eventually, the winners have emerged… drum rolls for: Kayode, Stephanie, Jessica, Joseph and Gbadamosi.

L-R: Kayode joshua Oluwarotimi, Stephanie Oduwa Imarhiagbe, Aniekwe Onyinye Jessica, Yakndara Joseph Etim, Gbadamosi Mohammed Adeniran.

These lucky winners all walked away with $1000 wardrobe allowance and were #StyledByInfinixS5.

With several activities organized by the brand over the years, Nigerians have been able to express themselves in different forms including music, dance, creative writing and now fashion.

Having witnessed all these activities, it is clear that Infinix fans stand to enjoy more than durable devices sold at affordable rates, they also get to benefit from initiatives like this which has been strategically aligned with their consumers areas of interests – little wonder mobile phone enthusiast endear the brand.

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