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Olatunji Dare


THOUGH appearing at unpredictable intervals, “Matters miscellaneous” has become such a well-known feature of this page that I will, with your permission, dispense with a prefatory note and go right into business.

On the floor of the Eighth Senate, the member for Kogi West, Dino Melaye, never made an intervention  without fawning references to, and sugared glorification of, its “irremovable president,” Dr Bukola Saraki.

In that phrasing, Melaye’s principal came across the attentive audience as if he were a stain, a blemish, an impurity on that body that nothing could wash away, whereas what the best-selling author of Antidotes to Corruption:  The Nigerian Story probably meant was that Saraki could not be replaced, supplanted, or impeached, in the normal course of business.

Some people should really watch their language, especially if their relationship with the English language is somewhat complicated, as has been said of UK Prime Minister Boris…

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