Man shares photos showing how he started the decade struggling from his room and ends it receiving an award from Queen Elizabeth

A man who started the decade struggling from his room, ended the decade being recognized by Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth.

Given Edward, a Tanzanian took to his social media page to share photos of how his decade started and how it ended. Though his beginning was humble, he ended this decade by receiving an award from Her Majesty the Queen for innovation and impact.

Given is the founder/CEO of Mtabe is a Tanzanian based tech company using artificial intelligence and SMS technology to deliver learning content to students in Tanzania who cannot afford textbooks and have no Internet access. It is so simple that an average African student needs no new device to get started.

Given is also the founder of a similar App MyElimu, an Edtech discussion forum that allows peer learning and also allows Tanzanian Secondary School Students to discuss school activities.

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