Makinde and the principle of reciprocity

By Jide Ajani


For the needless controversy and overheating of the political sphere in Oyo State since the ill-fated and uneducated Appeal Court judgment of Monday, November 11, 2019, those who opted to twist facts and distort reality ended up playing into the mighty hands of fate by further subconsciously deepening the bond between the people of Oyo State and Governor Makinde, in the wake of the Supreme Court judgment, which affirmed the election of the latter.

The triumphant entry

A journey from the Ibadan Airport back to town took some five hours as a result of the unstoppable outpouring of affection and love from the people to their governor, with a convoy of over 100 vehicles, being led by men, women, the aged and youths who chose to trek all the way from the airport back to town. As the convoy moved through town from Alakia, to Gbagi, to Iwo-Road intersection, to Gate, to Molete, to Dugbe, to Mokola, to Sango and then Bodija, okada riders, Keke NAPEP operators,…

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