Maersk boss battling for his life as armed men stab wife to death, force them to drink acid

Armed men suspected to be robbers on Sunday night killed the wife of Managing Director of Maerskline, Gildas Tohouo, and critically injured the man at their Luggard Drive, Ikoyi residence, TheNation reports.

The couple resides at the Cul De Sac Compound, the same as former Head of State Ernest Shonekan which is off Oba Adeyinka Oyekan.

It was gathered that the incident occurred around 9pm after their electrician/building maintenance man came to the apartment under the guise of fixing an electrical fault.

Unknown to the couple, the man had smuggled an accomplice into the building who he claimed was a guest at the party going on at an expatriate’s flat, the next neighbour.

Having successfully smuggled his accomplice in, they were alleged to have tampered with electricity into the Tohouo’s and then requested their permission to enter their apartment to resolve the power issue.

As soon as he was granted access, the suspect and his accomplice allegedly separated the man from his wife; forced the woman to transfer some money to their account, collected her ATM card and there after stabbed her.

They allegedly forced her to drink acid before suffocating her with a willow in order to cover up their tracks.

Tohouo was said to have been forced to drink acid as well and also stabbed but was able to send a distress alert to Maersk security unit which the CSO intercepted and contacted Police Commissioner Hakeem Odumosu.

It was gathered that Odumosu led an operation to the couple’s resident, surrounded the area and commenced a search for the attackers alleged to be ransacking the house for valuables. Two suspects have been arrested. They are: Olamide Goke and Ade Akanbi.

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