‘Love me in spite of my wrinkles’

Ageing is a tragedy, a bouquet of forlornness, deprivation, and muted rage for some older Nigerians. Even so, modern psychology and literature recommend romance and sex as anti-ageing elixir but not every older person would drink the kool-aid, writes OLATUNJI OLOLADE, Associate Editor.

If romance is a gift to the granny over 60, sex is the treat. The sundae on the twilight years. But Deborah Ikuom, 63, would skip the gift and savour the treat. Some like it vice versa. Not Ikuom. She longs to be “cradled and manhandled.”

“At my age, I have no use for pointless romance. I am past that. It’s 14 years since my husband died. I am dying to be touched. I am human. I need to be rocked by a man. Some younger man perhaps,” she said with a chuckle.

Would Ikuom live her fantasy? Grannies have needs too. A yearning for romance and passionate sex. But Ikuom’s three children and 11 grandchildren would have none of that.

Three years ago, her youngest child caught her flirting with Pa…

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