Little Success’ before and after myths

Little Success Adegor’s brief moment in the limelight has made a difference in her life. But she’s not exactly living in the lap of luxury, writes ELO EDREMODA, who visited her and family in Sapele, Delta State.

When the video of seven year-old Success Adegor went viral in March, this year, many imagined how the life of the young lad and her family had blissfully changed forever. Indeed, it has. But all is not as it was portrayed to be. The ‘dem go flog,flog, flog, flog tire’ orator wants the support of well-meaning individuals and government to really ensure her success story.

The Nation visited her new home in Sapele, Delta state and discovered a lot to be untrue of the much publicized new social status. Success does not live in a slum anymore, neither does she live in a ‘mansion.’ She lives, not what one can say, an average life still. Her father still makes a living from ‘okada’ riding, while the mother does her petty trade. They (Mr Godwin and Mrs Vera Adegor)…

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